Starting Ada - It has to work

Not if we do the two things I have said, then the Ada community can grow.

Hi, I get what you’re saying. As with anything, there is always room for improvement and no one wants there to be road blocks for newcomers. However, what may be considered a roadblock by some may not be an issue to others depending on their experience. Alire has already greatly lowered the bar to entry. With that said, as others have suggested, I think it would be good if you could take your vision and try to help make it happen. It may not even have to be a complete solution, but enough for others to see to where they feel interested in contributing in your efforts. If I’m not mistaken, that is kind of how Alire got started (ie one man effort initially but then grew from there).

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I thought you had mentioned it’s “Why Ada” page, which I can only assume is meant to make people persevere with Ada. I agree the “Why Ada” page could perhaps be better placed. Certainly whatever ranks on google such as Adacores site should probably link to the one route of entry for community Ada like the Rust website is all encompasing. On the other hand adacores blogs are very useful and they are makung a lot happen. So I guess the two sites should be intertwined? I assume Rust has so much money that they have setup a non profit foundation possibly owning the site.

To be honest if BAE put in 10% of their exhibition stand budget. They would still have the biggest stands and it would probably return dividends in their use of Ada. Who has a lift on their exhibition stand anyway, lol. Looks wasteful.

MM Perhaps I should speak to the guy that created Alire. Yes I am talking about trying to attract people with no experience. It’s what I have tried to do with I want to emphasise that I created ada works not as some attempt at competing with anybody but rather as a way to provide an entry portal to Ada. I would be happy to add something about Alire but I really don’t yet understand what it is. It’s own website doesn’t seem to make it make it clear.

Hi Micronian2,
That is what I have been doing with