Ada 2022 Language Standard to be Published by Springer

Lisbon, Portugal, June 14, 2023. Ada-Europe today announced, at
its 27th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies
(AEiC 2023), that the Ada 2022 Language Reference Manual (LRM) will
be published by Springer in its LNCS series later this year.

Ada 2022 is the latest edition of the Ada programming language
standard, technically denominated ISO/IEC 8652:2023, which was
formally approved and officially published by ISO, the Geneva-based
International Organization for Standardization, on May 2, 2023.

The Ada 2022 LRM is available online:
Ada 2022 Language Reference Manual.
An overview of Ada 2022 is at:
Ada 2022 Overview.

To mark this official milestone, and in continuation of its established
practice, Ada-Europe undertook to support the production of the new
LRM as a dedicated issue of the Springer-published LNCS series.

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Hi Dirk,

For those of us who cannot attend Ada Europe, do you know whether there will be a way to order a copy of the AARM from Springer directly, or from Ada-Europe as a way to sponsor it ?
I got my copy of the 2005 ARM from an earlier Ada-Europe conference, which is why I am assuming it will be distributed to participants there, but I might be totally wrong on that…

Also, there used to be an Ada 2012 Rationale. Will there be one for 2022, do you know ?


Unless things have changed, I believe I remember the discussion being that there will not be a rationale this time around. Instead, an “Overview” was created (available on the ARG website).

Note that while it says Rationale in the thumbnail, I don’t believe it is the same depth as a rationale.

Hello Emmanuel,

First, note that Springer will publish the ARM, not the AARM. And yes, you will be able to order a copy directly from Springer. Ada-Europe members will also be able to join a group order that we’re organizing (see for example my recent tweet with a picture of the info page and QR code on display at the Ada-Europe booth in Lisbon to indicate interest).

Ada-Europe did not distribute RMs in Springer LNCS format at its conferences, though has organized bulk orders for previous editions. That’s probably what you remember about the 2005 RM.

Finally, unfortunately there will not be an Ada 2022 Rationale (though there’s indeed a less ambitious “Ada 2022 Overview” document by Jeff Cousins). FYI, I included the following sentence in Ada-Europe’s report to ISO WG9 for the meeting yesterday: “In continuation of its established practice, Ada-Europe undertook to support the production of this new dedicated LNCS issue [of the Ada RM]. The production of an accompanying Rationale has been scrapped instead owing to the lack of material and energy.”

Hope this answers your questions,


It perfectly does, thanks !
Jeff Cousin’s document is a very interesting read, well worth anyone’s time indeed. In practice that’s likely a good enough document to replace the Rationale, and I’d rather any available time and effort be dedicated to further improve the language instead :slight_smile:

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