Ada Developer Workshop @ AEiC 2024, a new "FOSDEM DevRoom" for the community

Pending an update of the Ada Developers Workshop webpage on the AEiC2024 site, the list of accepted presentations is already available on the Ada-Belgium webpage for the event.

The detailed schedule of the workshop day will be announced shortly.


Dear all,

the list of speakers, talks and schedule for the Ada Developer Workshop has been published [1]. The Workshop will take place on the 14th of June in Barcelona. The entry has a small price of 10€ if paid before the 20th of May and 20€ if later. The price covers the cost of two coffee breaks and a meal. You can find more information in the registration page [2].

Here is a short summary of what will be shown during the workshop:

  • “SweetAda: a Multi-architecture Embedded Development Framework” by Gabrielle Galeotti (Italy), Fernando Oleo Blanco (Spain)
  • “Avoiding Access Types” by Jeffrey R. Carter (Belgium)
  • “G-NAV: Soaring the Clouds with AdaWebPack” by Guillermo A. Hazenbrouck (Belgium)
  • “Alire 2.0: a Quality of Life Update” by Alejandro Mosteo (Spain)
  • “HiRTOS: a Multicore RTOS Written in SPARK Ada” by J. German Rivera (USA)
  • “Ironclad: a Formally Verified OS Kernel Written in SPARK/Ada” by Cristian Simon (Spain)
  • “An Ada Story of Time” by Jean-Pierre Rosen (France)
  • “Controlled I/O: a Library for Scope-Based Files” by Jeffrey R. Carter (Belgium)
  • “Ada Community Advocacy” by Fernando Oleo Blanco (Spain)

[1] Ada-Europe 2024 - Ada Developers Workshop
[2] Ada-Europe 2024 - Registration

Best regards,
The Ada Developers Workshop organisation team