Ada Developer Workshop @ AEiC 2024, a new "FOSDEM DevRoom" for the community

Dear Ada community,

I come with great news! For the past two years, there was no Ada DevRoom over @ FOSDEM, a place where the Ada community used to meet and share their work and projects. Some of us wanted to keep having such experience as we believed it to be a greatly beneficial aspect to the wider Ada community.

For this reason, @Fabien.C, @DirkCraeynest and I, @Irvise, made a proposal to the Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2024 aka Ada-Europe 2024) in order to have a “devroom” for the wider Ada community, just like in FOSDEM.

We were accepted and you can already find all the information over at the Ada Developer Workshop webpage!

I would encourage everybody to take a look at it! Nonetheless, here is a quick summary highlighting some of the points:

  • It will take place on Friday, 14th of June in Barcelona. Friday was chosen in order to minimise the amount of free days/holidays that we would need to take off from our jobs and allow us to then use the weekend to visit and enjoy Barcelona.
  • The cost will be lower than for the main conference. Our goal is to make it completely free, just like FOSDEM, but this is still a Work-In-Progress (WIP).
  • The nature of the event is similar to any past DevRoom that took place @ FOSDEM. The main difference is that now, being an open-source project will not be a requirement.
  • March 31st, 2024 is the (current) deadline for submissions. If you would like to present your work or discuss topics, please, please please, keep this date in mind!

We are eager to hear from all of you. And if you have any questions, please, let us know!

Best regards,


Btw, feel free to repost it in Reddit and other networks if you want. I have posted it on CLA and telegram.

Submissions are welcome now! See webpage for more info.

Is there an update on the cost of this? There is a potential I could go, but I’d need to know soon so I can get passports updated, etc.

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The Ada-Europe Board has a meeting this Saturday and the registration fees for the conference and associated events, such as this workshop, should be fixed then. Expect preliminary info by early next week: I hope that’s still in time.

(As mentioned earlier, last year the registration fee for a full day workshop was 100 EUR, including morning and afternoon coffee breaks and lunch. I expect, though cannot promise, the fee for the Ada Developers Workshop will not be higher, and hopefully lower.)

Another element is that we’re looking for companies to sponsor participation, especially for presenters, lowering the fee even further for them. Though at this point in time I have no concrete info yet on such sponsoring…


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@pyj hi! Regarding the cost, here are some news, soon to be posted in the AEiC page. The cost has been set to 100 €… There is no increase from last year’s price, and it still includes what Dirk pointed out. We are looking for a way to further reduce it with the use of a sponsor. Stay tuned.

Note that Ada-Belgium members who give an in-person presentation are eligible to receive a grant covering the early registration fee for this workshop at AEIC 2024.

Hi Ada community!

This is a kind reminder that you can still submit any talks to the Ada Developer Workshop that will take place during the AEiC 2024, on the 14th of June in Barcelona!

Entry prices should be published shortly in the AEiC website. Nonetheless, we are still looking for some sponsorships :slightly_smiling_face:

For more information see Ada-Europe 2024 - Ada Developers Workshop or email any of the organisers (Fabien, Dirk and Fernando).

Best regards,

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Edit: added note

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We are working on ensuring a really low registration fee for the Ada Developers Workshop, and it’s looking good, both due to Ada-Europe lowering the basic fee and sponsoring covering for almost all of the remainder. It won’t be totally free (after all coffee breaks and lunch are included) but very close to that. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for more info soon!


Hot news! Thanks to AdaCore sponsoring the Ada Developer Workshop in Barcelona, the early registration fee for in-person participation will be only 10 EUR, including lunch and coffee breaks.

That’s as low-cost as attending an Ada Developer Room at FOSDEM in Brussels, as you easily spend 10 EUR on food and drinks there… :wink:

Registration info, for the conference, tutorials, workshops, social events, will shortly be added to the conference website at Ada-Europe 2024.

Hope to see many of you there!
And remember, submissions are still welcome!


An update about the “Ada Developers Workshop” [1] on Friday 14 June at the Ada-Europe conference in Barcelona, Spain.

The first submission deadline is passed, and we received quite a lot of interesting proposals; more information will be posted soon.

Nevertheless we may still schedule a few extra presentations, so consider this a “round 2” CfP. But don’t delay: the sooner a submission arrives, the more chance it gets in…


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I’m glad Ada Europe is working with the community. Do they ever publish videos of their talks? So those of us who can’t travel out there will be able to experience them? I did a quick search on youtube but did not come across any old ones.

No videos of past Ada-Europe talks (yet), but we put the slides of presentations on the conference website. Plus the proceedings are published and available: in the past as LNCS issues by Springer, more recently as open access papers by Elsevier for the Journal-First track and in the Ada User Journal for all others.

Thanks! That’s good to know. I’m a bit sad that we lose a lot of the discourse that happens at the talks (I liked the discussions during FOSDEM talks) which isn’t normally part of the presentation materials, but I am glad the materials will at least be available. Thanks again!

I remember from this last monthly meeting (April 2024) that some of the discussion was held back because it was being presented at AdaEurope, so I was hoping that info was capturable in some way for folks who can’t make it to the conference.

We will try to live stream the presentations and hopefully accept chat/online questions and comments. The videos will hopefully be recorded and uploaded somewhere :slight_smile:

awesome thanks! sorry for all the questions!

No need to be or say sorry. That is why we are here! :smiley:

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