updates should now build with a plain version of node.js 20 if anyone is trying to make edits. I had to roll back some cool stuff which made previews faster, but if you previous had difficulty getting set up, it should be much easier - install Node.js 20, npm install and npm run start.

The site will use MDX 3 in Docusaurus 3, the style guide needs some help with verify MDX 3 compliance. I updated ada-auth output as needed, but I manually made changes in the style guide for the Docusaurus 3 upgrade.

Paragraph anchors in the ARM have been fixed and I made some other changes in the ada-auth output. There’s a weird bug with relative links adding an extra part of the path resulting in a invalid page, the Docusaurus 3 upgrade does fix this, but there’s a couple last things to iron out with that before I can push that.

Major thanks to everyone for making this a community site, especially recent contributors @mgrojo, @Irvise, @simonjwright and @Max


The upgrade installation went fine. I noticed a box comment towards the end telling how to upgrade Docosaurus from 2.4.3 to 3.1.1 - do I need to do this?

It should already be at 3.0.0 now, try npm prune or delete node_modules/. I was going to try the last incremental upgrade this weekend.

Oops - forgot to pull.

Archives of comp.lang.ada and a code search for all Ada crates is now available on the banner of Thanks for @JeremyGrosser for running both of those services which makes this possible.


Any chance the usenet theme can be made the same as the main site? I use the dark theme.

Ok, I’ve updated both search and the usenet archive with dark mode themes that get used if your browser sets the ‘prefers-color-scheme: dark’ CSS media query attribute.

It’s not exactly the same theme as, but close enough I think.

Thanks, I just can’t use white backgrounds.