Ada Monthly Meeting

Dear all,

this forum post was already written to the C.L.A, but I think it is worthy of being here too, as it may reach even more people. So here goes a summary of what I wrote over at the C.L.A.

What and Why? Ada monthly meetup

I would like to have a monthly meetup to gather the community, see each other, talk about some things and let people present or showcase their work and discuss the news.

When and how?

It would take place once a month and it should last between 45 min to 1 h. This would allow the discussion or showcase of two or three topics and leave room for discussion and smaller news.

The meetup would take place (initially) over Jitsi, a libre conferencing software that does not require installation (it uses modern web browsers for the clients). This would be the initial platform to test the waters and see if it works well for us.

I have selected Saturday 3, June 2023 to be the day we start. It would take place the first weekend of each month with the exception of August (as it is summer in most places, maybe even September) and February, as FOSDEM takes place.

The time would be around 12:00 or 13:00 UTC. That should be a more or less approachable time for most people all over the globe. Though I am aware that it is not great for those in the Americas or in eastern Asia/Australia. It is also meal time in EU, but that is a compromise for everyone. And of course, this is just the first proposal. We will keep improving things as we move along.

How to participate?

You can join just to listen and chat! That is probably what I will end up doing most. However, there are a few things we are looking for:

  • Tool developers that would like to showcase its features or new releases.
  • Demos of projects.
  • Issues within the language or technical problems with tools.
  • Cool stuff!
  • Questions!

This is a community oriented meetup, not a super heavy technical one, we leave those to the ARG :wink:


There has already been some feedback over at the C.L.A., but some more would surely help. If you have any questions, issues or recommendations, please, share those!

Best regards,


Dear all,

due to the positive response from the community to this initiative, I will try to make it happen!

I say I will try, as in I cannot do it alone! I would like to make a call to the community to ask for people to propose a quick 10-15 min talk to showcase a project, topic, discussion, update, problem, etc. For this first meeting, I would advise in not showcasing anything important or serious, as technical problems are expected and I would like to leave some time for my introduction of the meeting and for feedback from the community. If there are too many people, the ideas would get pushed to the July meeting.

Please, share this with anybody that you would like or may be interested!

You can propose topics by replying to this forum thread, the C.L.A, Gitter/Matrix, IRC or my own email “irvise(at)” if you prefer.

See you the next 3rd of June 2023 (Saturday) at around 12:00 or 13:00 UTC time! I will send the final time about a week before the meeting!

Very best regards,

P.S: any and all feedback is welcome!