Ada Monthly Meeting

Hello everybody!

I would like to announce the March (2024) Ada Monthly Meetup which will be taking place on the 9th of March at 14:00 UTC time (15:00 CET). As always the meetup will take place over at Jitsi. The Meetup will also be livestreamed to Youtube.

If someone would like to propose a talk or a topic, feel free to do so! We currently have no topics :wink:

Here are the connection details from previous posts:
The meetup will take place over at Jitsi, a conferencing software that runs on any modern browser. The link is Jitsi Meet The room name is “AdaMonthlyMeetup” and in case it asks for a password, it will be set to “AdaRules”.
I do not want to set up a password, but in case it is needed, it will be the one above without the quotes. The room name is generally not needed as the link should take you directly there, but I want to write it down just in case someone needs it.

Best regards and see you soon!