Ada Monthly Meeting

Hi all!

This is a kind reminder about this Saturday’s Ada Monthly Meetup :slight_smile: Keep in mind the slight change in UTC time!

See you soon,

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I struggle to get time away from the kids but one thing I would quite like to understand better is how much and how useful people find the interface keyword to be. Would that be an interesting and casual discussion question?


Apologies: family visit.

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I use them a lot. It really lets me detach the implementations of components from the overall software algorithm. I can right my code using interfaces and plop in components that implement them later. They are super handy and much easier to use than regular abstract classes for me.

I hope to catch the VoD after. I always enjoy watching the meetings.

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Out of curiosity, was anyone able to record the meeting this month? No rush if so, but just seeing if it will eventually be available is all.

Yes! It was automatically live-streamed to YT :slight_smile:

Here is the link

Oh thanks! I didn’t realize it was under the live stream section there. Appreciate it!