Ada on the Sega Dreamcast


Small note, as this may be of interest to some. Maybe not :slight_smile:

I’ve prototyped the bare minimum to have a toolchain and basic bindings to be able to use Ada on the Sega Dreamcast.

This small work was first targeting a FOSDEM presentation, but I was too short on time and didn’t make it… So Ada is not showcased in Falco’s nice talk:

Nonetheless, I didn’t abandon the project and achieved my goal. In the end, it’s rather small code-wise. Everything can be found from this github project. (the small runtime, build instructions, etc).

As said above, it’s minimal, not exhaustive, not prefect.

Ada is now listed on the Dreamcast wiki, which is nice.


You might want to consider submitting a short presentation proposal for the “Ada Developers Workshop” [1] on Friday 14 June at the Ada-Europe conference in Barcelona, Spain.

That workshop has been set up as an alternative for our traditional Ada Devroom at FOSDEM, as our proposal for a 12th such DevRoom in February 2024 was not accepted…




SweetAda runs on Dreamcast, either by means of the GXemul emulator (CD booting, ROM booting from the bare CPU reset) or on the real physical target (booting with the BBA adapter).


I actually ported as much of a “game” (where I was working at the time) to Dreamcast using the open dev tools, nevr put Ada on it though, but wouldn’t be too hard. No longer have the DC as the power was flaky, so sold it.

Thanks all for your answers.
I didn’t check if there was any previous work apart from asking the KallistiOS devs and reading the dreamcast wiki… But as the goal was more to experiment than to provide real Ada support, I guess that’s fine. It’s nice to see this was already working for a very long time though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info about the Ada Dev Workshop, but I’m not planning on going to Barcelona, and the real work behind this would not really make for a nice talk anyway, it’s mostly boilerplate.

I never did any Ada on DC, the game was in C, I think, and slooow.