Adopt the Ada Horizon logo for all public Ada Community Web-sites

Dear all

With the latest Ada «Horizon» Logo proposal and the ongoing movement for the adoption of an unified Ada logo,

It would be outstanding if we could have a (long awaited) homogeneous representation of our community to the outside world .

I mean, adopt it for the main public websites :
Discourse Forum, Reddit, Gitter-Ada, Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikiversity, Forge, are all kind of public Web info to serve the Ada Community.

There is already a poll set by Jeremy to apply the new Horizon Logo to this site (Forum).
But I think we could extend the thought to a larger horizon :wink:

@JeremyGrosser Could you please set-up some polling support about this ? (global question, or per web-site/service?)

To all: What is your comment about this ?

Cheers, William

Ref: Fabien’s logo presentation
Some Samples:


I understand that you’re excited about the prospect of a unified brand for the Ada language, but please be patient and allow time for a civil debate about the merits of the proposed design. It does seem that the majority here favor the new logo, but I’d like to hear more from the not insignificant 20% that have voted against it. The poll I created is open until next week.

To create your own poll, click the gear icon in the toolbar of the new post dialog, then Build Poll. See this thread for step by step instructions.

Since the Wikibooks logo already included “Ada Programming” as a legend beside the Hummingbird mascot, I’ve already changed it to use this logo for that legend, but I preferred to leave the mascot inside it. For me, it’s already representing the Ada Wikibook. Call me eclectic and baroque, but I like it in that way :smiley: In any case, comments are welcome.

In fact, there’s place in this community for a logo, a mascot and a lady.

Oh I see.

Sounds like a reasonable proposition.

We’ll wait till the end of the first poll (set by Jeremy) next week,
before going further with this point.