Alr get gnatdoc missing external for libgmp

It kept complaining about that until I realised there should be an external crate for it.

warn:    New solution is incomplete.
warn:    +πŸ“¦ gnat              12.2.1 (new,gnat_native,indirect,binary)
warn:    +   gnatcoll          23.0.0 (new,indirect)
warn:    +   gnatcoll_gmp      23.0.0 (new,indirect)
warn:    +   gnatcoll_iconv    23.0.0 (new,indirect)
warn:    +   gpr_unit_provider 23.0.0 (new)
warn:    +   langkit_support   23.0.0 (new,indirect)
warn:    +   libadalang        23.0.0 (new)
warn:    +πŸ”Ž libgmp            *      (new,external,indirect)
warn:    +   libgpr            23.0.0 (new,indirect)
warn:    +   libgpr2           23.0.0 (new)
warn:    +   markdown          23.0.0 (new)
warn:    +   vss               23.0.0 (new)
warn:    +   xmlada            23.0.0 (new,indirect)

It does build, but it does also complain.

On which platform are you seeing that?

If you have libgmp installed, but for some reason alr is failing to resolve it, it is expected that the build may succeed.

On Linux, I have it installed, as I said, it does build. But surely it should be better to not have that warning, beginners won’t know to just continue and will keep waiting.

BTW, gnatdoc 24.0 has landed on the alire index yesterday. You can try it after updating the index with alr index --update-all.