Building GNAT for Android

Has anyone built GNAT for Android recently? Anyone got a working configure command line? I cannot seem to get it to build, latest gcc/binutils.

No, I totally abandoned this idea and started using AdaWebPack for my mobile application. I can only recommend this alternative! Using service workers you can make your app run as a PWA, and it will only use the server for installation. Then it will also run on Android and i-Phone with just one single WASM module.
Of course at the end it depends on what you want to do, as this is not totally the same as building a native application and it will not be useful in all cases.

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Yeah, I was wanting to do NativeActivity for SDL.

I never really got anywhere trying to compile Ada code for Android. Plus, developing anything in Android without Java is already a bit traumatizing…
I hope you can find a way.