Cannot properly modify memory in GNAT Studio Debug session?

Hi, I have been using GNAT Studio 23.0w on Windows 10 for the first time, though for small C programming instead of Ada. As far as I can tell that is the most recent version that is available for download despite Google searches finding docs for 24.0w.

I noticed a strange behavior in the debugger when modifying memory in the Memory window. When I type over a value (note: I tried multiple bytes and single bytes) then click the Submit Changes, the data gets committed to the wrong bytes. Not only that, but sometimes only some of the values get written. This effectively makes the memory window unusable for modifying raw memory. Has anyone else experienced this?


Do you use this release from github? Can you open an issue on github?

Hi @Max , yes I am using that exact version. I am surprised no one else has mentioned experiencing this issue. Perhaps it’s fixed in 24.0w which doesn’t seem to be available for download.

I’ll try generating a ticket for the issue later. Thx.