Does the latest version of gcc fully support Ada 2022?

And how far behind is it compared to gnat pro?


I asked a similar question on Reddit about 1 year ago, it’s worth taking a look at the answers:

Also, here’s a previous - related - question I had about the AdaCore license change in the spring:

Based on the answers to the question, the picture may be a bit clearer for the reader; but I am getting the feeling that clear information is not the goal for AdaCore.
I don’t mean this as an offensive, but it seems a bit like deliberate obfuscation.

In fact, AdaCore helps and supports the OpenSource community in many ways.
That’s why I don’t understand: why can’t there be a description of the available development tools even here in the /Learn/Overview section of
Even just with a detailed comparison of GNAT Pro ↔ GNAT FSF?

I think this confusion also discourages developers who would like to learn the language.

To take my own example: as an ARM MCU developer, I am familiar with the possibilities offered by the C/C++ compilers provided by ARM. It is clearly defined what the “Arm Compiler” and the “Arm GNU Toolchain” provide and what the differences are.
It is also clear how Microsoft Visual Studio Professional and Community versions differ.
Why can’t this be “officially” published for GNAT Pro and GNAT FSF?

AdaCore’s github page is full of repo’s that no mortal human being would ever compile in their lifetime with the GNAT FSF toolkit because of dependencies.
Specific example that concerns me: bb-runtimes. Fabien Chouteau has created a fork that builds to the current GNAT FSF, but why does it have to be this way?

My other favourite is gnatcov. I tried to compile it on Windows 10 under MSYS2 using the GNAT-FSF-Builds repo of the Alire project, and also in Ubuntu VM. Could not reproduce the build.
There is a multi-part blog on about its use, the process described there is practically irreproducible under GNAT FSF.
No help, no information is available.

Sorry for the very negative comment, but I had to say this.

  1. There is no GCC version with full Ada 2022 support yet (not GCC FSF nor GNAT Pro).
  2. GNAT Pro frontend sources is synchronized with FSF GCC sources on each release, so the lag shouldn’t be longer than one release cycle. Currently, set of implemented Ada 2022 features in GCC 13 and GNAT Pro are mostly the same, AFAIK.
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