Favourite books about Ada/Spark

Programming in Ada 20xx by John Barnes
Ada Distilled by Richard Riehle


Please list any favourites or references that you personally turn to?

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I don’t know about you, but I really like ada-lang.io :slight_smile:

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Here my personal bookmarks:


That’s a quite useful linkfarm. Though I have to say some links point to access restricted walled gardens like adaic·org¹. I suggest prefixing adaic URLs with https://web.archive.org/web/ so the page is world-viewable to all comers.

  1. adaic is a siteground site that blocks some visitors with “Our system thinks you might be a robot!” This makes that link unsuitable for sharing outside of the siteground walled garden.

To answer the OP, Ada as a Second Language by Cohen has to be my top pick.

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I haven’t read any of these but came across them whilst looking for an Ada book specifically about microprocessors, which they are not ha ha.

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Thank You. That book is very useful.