Feeling slightly better about the future

Hi, it’s probably just me, but It’s not clear what is the significance of the screenshot. Can you give a hint? Thx.

Basically just that GPT3 knows about Ada and how to write Ada problems.

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Ah, okay. Definitely could not see that from the screenshot alone. Thanks for clarifying.

At a meeting at work we asked ChatGPT to write a program implementing the fibonacci algorithm. We got an implementation in Python.
So we asked it to implement id in Ada.
And we got an Ada implementation, but with errors.
a,b := some_function_with_two_return_values;
We then pointed that out, and it apologized and presented a working function.
It was real fun

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I’m guessing it scraped the internet and found a Go example filtering on something like :=

I tested it a lot (Chat GPT) for programming, especially in Ada.
As far as Ada is concerned, it’s not very good. Maybe not enough data for training.

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Although its not very good and does write buggy code there are sometimes some good ideas there. I have found it to be quite useful to ask things because the answers can be outside the box. But given its performance with 20 liners I am not packing my tools up yet.