FOSDEM'24 Calls open

Just happened to come across this:

Deadline for devrooms is 16oct, for stands is 8dec.

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Well… I now know what to do :wink: I will talk about it this Saturday :slight_smile:

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See the message I posted earlier today on the AdaFOSDEM mailing list. Everyone interested in trying to get Ada present at FOSDEM once more is invited to join the brainstorming on that list.

Just as a heads up, the CfP for stands has been severly shortened. In case the DevRoom does not get accepted, we will need to act swiftly :slight_smile:


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We’d better get a proposal for an Ada stand ready ASAP, just in case.

There might be very little time between the announcement of accepted DevRooms and the new deadline of 10 November for stands.

Hi @all…

sadly, this year the Ada DevRoom proposal has been, once again, taken down.

Nonetheless, I contacted Tama, the creator of AdaBots, to see if we could join forces like last year, and have an Ada Stand. He was happy to be there once again and we will make a proposal to have a stand just like last year.

I will keep you all updated. Best regards,

Sad that the FOSDEM organisers didn’t accept our Ada DevRoom proposal. Hope we’ll manage to get an Ada stand as last year, which allows us to reach many new people.

FWIW, I informed the AdaFOSDEM mailing list there won’t be an Ada DevRoom as well as that we intend to submit an Ada stand proposal.

Of course feel free to submit Ada-related proposals to relevant DevRooms as in
the past, and keep us informed about that.

Thanks @DirkCraeynest!

I just submitted the petition to have a stand just like last year. Tama will once again present AdaBots, which garthered a lot of attention and praise! The official confirmation date is the 20th of November :slight_smile:

Also today, the list of DevRooms was published, here is the link to the list.

I think a few talks related to Ada could fit easily into some of these DevRooms, such as Confidential Computing; Embedded, Mobile and Automotive; GCC; LLVM and Microkernel and Component-based OS. Even Declarative and Minimalistic Computing; Emulator and FOSS Educational Programming Languages could work depending on the project! For this reason, I would like to encourage Open Source Ada developers to make submission to these DevRooms and present their work there!

Best regards,


Hi @all,

it saddens me to communicate that the Ada stand “It’s time to learn Ada!” was not accepted… FOSDEM 2024 - Accepted stands for FOSDEM 2024

I will wait for Tama’s confirmation of the announcement as I incorrectly typed my email while doing the submission (ouch!), and therefore I have not become the formal response from FOSDEM. Nonetheless, the public list of stands is in the link above and we are not there…

Well… I hope to be there, so I will see you all who come to the conference :slight_smile:

Best regards,

That’s most disappointing… :frowning:

That’s too bad, it was great to have a “home” for all the Adaists :frowning: Thanks a lot for your efforts, Fer & Tama.

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