Get more info from a GNAT crash?

So I decided to upgrade my GCC from 10.2 to 13.2.0 (msys2) and I recompiled a library I had working for years and it immediately gave an error for a type conversion to a derived type (non tagged). I worked around that with a call to Ada.Unchecked_Conversion and the library compiled completely fine.

After that, I pulled up my unit tests, did a gprclean on the project, then did a gprbuild on the tests project and GNAT crashed. The line reported was a simple ‘type My_Type is new Ada.Finalization.Limited controlled with record’ which doesn’t make sense as the actual error so I suspect a parsing error.

Is there any switches I can add to get some more verbose information about the compilation process up to the crash? I can’t really submit a bug report to GCC as it is a whole library and I don’t know what is actually causing the problem yet to generate a minimally compilable project.

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Note that GNAT 13 has some serious errors that make it essentially unusable for me (such as 110488 and 113979), which is why I’m sticking with 12.3 for now.

Good to know! Thanks!

Does GCC 12.3 (released 2023-05-08) contain the fix for 113979, applied 2024-03-07? Seems unlikely

Unfortunately no. Both errors say they’ve been fixed in GNAT 13, too, but they don’t say which version, and the latest versions easily available to me (12.3, 13.2) don’t have either fix.