GNAT Pro Roadmap

AdaCore posted an updated roadmap for GNAT Pro. Lots to look forward to here: LLVM, CUDA, FreeRTOS, Alire integration.

AdaCore Product Roadmap

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I see they’re going to support FreeRTOS: see Cortex-GNAT-RTS! Note, from the RTS point of view it’s pretty much GCC 4.9.1 with updates necessary where the compiler/RTS interface has changed. But a lot of GCC 13 is supported (not Duration’Image yet; the implementation is very complex).

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Off-topic kinda, but today I noticed this new page: GNAT Pro for Rust | AdaCore

Hmm, makes me wonder when AdaCore will announce it no longer is “AdaCore”. My gut feeling is within a year. Hopefully AdaCore doesn’t become another Rational to the Ada community.

For the new name, what is your guess ? “RustPeriphery” ?

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In fairness, the result of this may be that some Rust users learn that there’s this language called Ada that thought about safe, secure programming decades before Rust, and they may start exploring it. That’s similar to how I learned Kotlin: I was using AndroidStudio (essentially a repackaged IntelliJ IDEA) and it had both Java and Kotlin available. Once I started with Kotlin, I never went back to Java unless I absolutely had to.