Gnat Studio CR OS shell control character issue

Does anyone else get this 0018 cancel character showing when pressing ctrl->c in view os shell?

I would try reset in the terminal, and if that doesn’t work, check the locale and character set settings.

Isn’t that part of your prompt? Check the PS1 environment variable. By the way, isn’t it 001B instead of 0018? 001B is the escape character, used as part of the ANSI escape codes. GNAT Studio probably doesn’t support the ones you’re using.

It is 001B and no not part of my prompt. I guess it is just my gentoo then. xfce4-terminal ran from that OS shell works fine though and unicode characters show in the editor. My locale seems ok. CHARSET=ISO8859-1 in.the os shells terminal.

GNAT Studio 23.0w 20220512 x86_64 Linux