GWindows release, 13-Apr-2024

GWindows is a full Microsoft Windows Rapid Application Development framework for programming GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) with Ada.

GWindows itself is 100% made with Ada.

GWindows is free and open-source!

Changes to the framework are detailed in gwindows/changes.txt or in the News forum on the project site.

In a nutshell (since last announcement here):

  • Fixes and additions on GWindows.Scintilla, the editor widget.

  • Custom colors for Status_Bar_Type, Tab_Control_Type and the extended Ex_List_View_Control_Type.

  • Improvements on GNATCOM.

  • Added package GWindows.Single_Instance. This allows a new instance of a multi-document application to pass its command-line parameters to an already running instance and quit, to ensure only one instance holds all the documents.

  • GWindows.Common_Controls: added support for middle mouse button clicks on controls. Application example: for closing a tab.

GWindows Alire crate: Alire - Gwindows
GWindows Project site: GNAVI: GNU Ada Visual Interface download |
GWindows GitHub clone: GitHub - zertovitch/gwindows: GWindows: GUI framework for MS Windows



Nota Bene: the bulk of new code and features in this GWindows release was made by @DrPi.