HAC version 0.30

Home page: https://hacadacompiler.sourceforge.io/
Sources, site #1: HAC Ada Compiler download | SourceForge.net
Sources, site #2: GitHub - zertovitch/hac: HAC Ada Compiler - a small, quick Ada compiler fully in Ada
Alire Crate: Alire - Hac

What’s new:

  • New target: HAC_Sys.Targets.AMD64_Windows_Console_FASM (embryonic, but produces a “hello world” executable)
  • New target: HAC_Sys.Targets.Semantics for a smart editor (e.g. LEA) with helpers for auto-complete and navigation to declarations and bodies.
  • New compilation diagnostics: warnings and notes.
  • Added 25 new regression tests (Advent of Code)
  • Several fixes