How To Make Package Managers Cry

Just came across a very funny presentation on YouTube

As a sanity check, it could be intersecting to check how much bonus point one could get with Alire.
Not that much, I hope :slight_smile:

Presentation slides [PDF] (which is amusingly deep in a directory hierarchy :slight_smile: ).

i only read the slides, rather than listening to the talk, because listening to talks can be exhausting for me, even with accelerated playback (particularly when they don’t add much more to something i could have just read in a few minutes).

i found it interesting overall, even if i still need to ponder some points, such as the “resets environment” issue: off the top of my head, resetting the environment seems like something relevant to reproducible builds, but even if so, some way should be provided to configure a base environment to reset to.

Related: Michael Orlitzky’s 2015 article “M*****f*****s need package management” (nb. that word and other ‘swear words’ are not redacted in the actual article), which critiques vendoring, ‘containerising’, and package managers:

Are you angry? Let’s be angry.

[A]n inevitable requirement of a package manager is that it should support more than one programming language. For example, you should be able to say that the Ruby bindings to PostgreSQL (written in Ruby) require libpq (written in C), because they f****g do.
This need becomes obvious about ten minutes after you finish writing your package manager. Unfathomably, most new package managers fail this most basic requirement.

If I’ve made any mistakes in the table, it’s not because I secretly hate your package manager and want to make it look bad: I overtly hate your package manager, and it is bad.