Is there an up to date Alire tutorial?

I upgraded some old crates, but I spent a couple nights trying to get started on a new project, and realized I really need an updated Alire guide. The docs are decent, but there’s a bunch of questions I have about “What is the idiomatic thing I’m supposed to do?” Are there some recommended projects or a walkthrough of different project types to look at?

In particular I’m looking for how to properly deal with inner crates (is that a thing anymore?). I had been using binary crates inside of other projects and libraries to run tests using my custom unit test runner.

I don’t know about any other tutorial besides the official documentation and what you wrote for

Regarding nested crates, they are supported. See this comment by Mosteo: WikiBook Ada Programming module wikibook_hello_world_1 release 1.0.0 by krischik · Pull Request #1015 · alire-project/alire-index · GitHub

lol, that guide is probably out of date. I haven’t started an Ada project in over a year. It’d be nice to have a “how do you set things up guide” or at least a “this is how you do it” project to look at.

Does the documents from have a github repo you can post issues to and see if you can get the suggestions in for the things that were missing?

I don’t use alire, so not as familiar