LEA v.0.87

LEA is a Lightweight Editor for Ada

Web site: http://l-e-a.sf.net/
Source repository #1: LEA / Code / [r343]
Source repository #2: GitHub - zertovitch/lea: LEA is a Lightweight Editor for Ada

Recent changes:

  • Added auto insert feature: e.g. typing ( inserts ).
  • Added color theme Solarized Light.
  • Added a “stealth mode” in which LEA doesn’t leave
    traces in the registry.
  • Editor adds -- if the cursor is within a comment when the Return key
    is pressed (consequence: a comment is split into two comments).
  • If the cursor is within a string literal when the Return key is
    pressed, the string literal is split into two valid string
    literals with a & between them.
  • Added unhandled exception information to message list
  • Tabs with the various file names
  • LEA doesn’t write scilexer.dll as a file; thus, it runs as
    a portable application (in the sense: you can run it from a
    read-only drive directly, without installation)
  • Added a Build & Run button (for the HAC compiler).


  • multi-document
  • multiple undo’s & redo’s
  • multi-line & multi-point edit, rectangular selections
  • color themes, easy to switch
  • duplication of lines and selections
  • syntax highlighting
  • parenthesis matching
  • bookmarks

Currently available on Windows.
Gtk or other implementations are possible: the LEA_Common[.*] packages
are pure Ada, as well as HAC.



LEA is now available on Alire !

alr index --update-all
alr get lea
cd lea <-- here you press the Tab key to complete
alr build


That’s good news !

No new release yet of LEA, but here is a glimpse on next release’s features:

  • mouse-hover tips
  • context menu with a go-to-declaration entry
  • call tips
  • auto-complete

More details here:

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And maybe much more soon :wink: