Learn.adacore.com is great

I just want to say thanks to all those that put time into learn.adacore.com and so obviously adacore itself.

learn.adacore.com may not be perfect but it is a very useful and rich resource.


I recently read the ebook Ada for the C++ and Java Developer by Quentin Ochem, that I downloaded from learn.adacore.com. As a C++ developer, I thought it was an excellent short introduction to Ada.

When I was writing my first Ada program after “Hello World”, I was shocked to learn that Ada arrays and strings can have their sizes specified at runtime. I was baffled at first about how that was working. I knew about alloca and VLAs in C, but I’ve hardly ever come across those in C programs. I think that should be mentioned in the ebook if it gets a revision. I’m not sure where to make that suggestion. It is a big difference from the way that C++ and Java are written.

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