LearnXinY for Ada

Hi, can people check this into to Ada for mistakes before I push the PR?

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PR sent

How should a person propose changes now the PR’s posted?

You can fork the mine, pull all branches or fork the original and add mine as a branch, then create a new branch from my branch, the PR to me and I can merge it and push it. They haven’t merged it yet, so there’s still time.

And remember to add your details to the top front matter with mine and Fer’s.

The add-ada branch has been merged.

I’d suggest to add “in some places” after:

In Pascal the begin/end pair has to be used all over the statement part, for loops, if/then/else and so on, which is tedious.

I f you mean after begin and before end, no. That’s makes the source very long and much harder to read, I used to do that.

In fact, that sentence could be misleading for someone knowing Pascal and not Ada, because there are influences from Pascal in the Ada syntax in many places, but the most differing characteristic of Ada is indeed the lack of the begin keyword in most of the blocks, where it was needed in Pascal (unless there was a single statement).


I don’t know for how long it has been there, but after a long delay, it’s already live.



It’s not been there that long.

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