Looking for Ada Programmers to hire

Hello folks I have some open positions in the Long Island New York area for Software Developers with experience in Ada programming.

Maybe you are nearing retirement and looking to get back to your Ada programming roots? Get in touch with me!

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What is the lower age limit?

I think a bit more context would be helpful if you expect responses to this posting.

What version of Ada are they using?
What compiler/toolchain?
Is this a project to migrate away from Ada?
Are there citizenship or clearance requirements?
Does the candidate need to have professional Ada experience or can open source work be used to demonstrate competence?
Is a college degree required?
Is this an onsite or remote position?
Will you cover relocation expenses?
Is this a limited duration contract or a full time salaried position? (1099 or 1040 for US workers)


Thanks great points:

The code base is a combination of Ada83 and Ada95.
Compiler/toolchain is GNAT Ada (Adacore) 20.2
One of the huge Ada projects (8+ million LOC) seeks to migrate away from Ada. It will take a number of years to re-architect a new system. There is a team dedicated to learning the Ada implementation of the various modules with the direction of translating to support feature and function selection for replacement.
Other projects using Ada will be doing so for years to come, while simultaneously there are major architecting efforts to produce open-source replacements allowing for truly shared baselines of functionality.
US citizens only, US gov security clearance required.
Any significant Ada experience is a big plus and useful to demonstrate competency.
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science required.
This is currently a hybrd on-site and remote position (New York or New Jersey)
Position is permanent full-time.

No lower age limits.

Why would you move to a worse language? Which I am certain that you must be. Save the money and time and train some Ada engineers instead. You won’t introduce bugs and the result will be better more maintainable code. Don’t repeat the poor management choices of moving away from Ada that the DOD made in the mid 90s based on inaccurate information (or a lie) of compiler expense and availability.


I hear you, I’ve been using Ada for 39 years. I hear you. I wrote thousands of lines of Ada in applications that lasted for decades. I hear you.
Very likely these systems will be around for a good bunch of years (decades?).
But the reality is what it is. The desire is for well-established popular languages with tremendous ecosystem support and a large pool of software professionals.

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Out of your hands I am sure but it is bad management. How well has this desire gone for the web browsers that are full of holes despite best practices and are in need of a memory safe javascript engine. Now they are too invested and so it will take many years to create a safe web browser at this point. If you train them then you know they are trained well. I have heard of extremely qualified software engineers doing a terrible job, especially in regards to security.

Anyway, good luck and all the best.

For much less of the time and money that must be invested for migrating one of those big Ada projects, those companies and administrations could contribute to the Ada open-source ecosystem and improve that situation that they say is a problem for the viability of those projects.


I can send you a resume, if you wish.

Hi, I have a new opening for SW Engineers experienced with Ada programming so feel free to send me your resume.

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Hi, is this yet another “port Ada to ???” job?

Hello there - no this is not a port Ada to… job, but support of an existing large complex application - for the US Army (US citizenship required, security clearance will be needed, which we will help apply for).
Now, eventually there is a desire for a complete, from the ground up, architecture/design/rewrite, of this and related applications - which will NOT be Ada, unfortunately. An open service-based architecture is being architected.
But the existing systems will need to be supported for the foreseeable future.
And, it is also possible for this particular application to get “new life” in supporting the much sought-after next generation system - which will re-use quite a good chunk of the existing Ada application and require new subsystems/components linked to the existing Ada application.
Nothing is in stone. For all we know a case can be made for Ada - but what will need to happen there is for the Army to see the economics of it. They won’t spearhead technologies but will latch on to mainstream technologies where there is plenty of backing and open standards.

Where, exactly, do we send resumes?

I am the hiring manager, so send to me at this address, or bhennessy@decilog.com. I’m the “big shot” :slight_smile: