Mold 1.0.3 & Mold_lib 2.2.1 released

—•— Mold :: Meta-variable Operations for Lean Development —•—

Mold is a powerful tool that facilitates the creation and management of project templates through customizable files with {meta-}variables.

Both mold-1.0.3 and mold_lib-2.2.1 have been release and now available in Alire. mold_lib is the Ada library that can be integrated with Alire in any project. mold is the command line tool to manage template repositories.

For more information, please visit mold documentation.


At first I thought this was about the mold linker: GitHub - rui314/mold: Mold: A Modern Linker 🦠

The name collision is unfortunate, but this seems quite useful!

Yes, unfortunate name collision. I didn’t know that linker, but anyway there are lot of projects named ‘mold’ in github (possibly also in other project hubs).

For the command line it’s fine to change its name, if it collides with other system-level tools. My main concern was to avoid name collision in the Alire namespace. So the name of the mold_lib crate, which implements all the functionality, is quite good, IMMO.