New project: Alice

After months of dedicated work, I’m thrilled to introduce my project: Alice!

Alice, Adventures for Learning and Inspiring Coding Excellence, is a collaborative Ada framework that allows programmers to enhance and share their solutions to various problem sources (e.g. Project Euler, CodinGame and Advent of Code), fostering collaboration, learning and creativity.

While it’s currently in the proof of concept stage, and only Project Euler is supported, I believe it holds immense potential.

The Alice wiki pages offer a glimpse into Alice’s concept, participation opportunities, and development ideas.

I warmly invite all members of the Ada community, as well as beginners and students exploring Ada, to read across the wiki pages and share your valuable feedback. Your insights and input will be instrumental in shaping Alice’s future. Together, let’s unlock the possibilities and make a significant impact.

Stay tuned for the upcoming public release, as we embark on this exciting journey together!

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Thank you Max for your initiative!
I answered in github, let’s keep the discussion there.