Opportunity to push/promote Ada coming soon (Can this be pinned?)


There is a good chance to push and promote Ada in the area of game development coming up, but is SDL specific.

The official SDL Discord (SDL Enthusiasts) are having a Game jam if anyone wants to enter.

You must use SDL1, 2 or 3 (no other drawing libs allowed apparently, so no gl, vulkan, metal, etc. but you can use libs which use SDL rendering API’s), nothing else. This includes the satellite libraries, image, mixer and ttf.

The details are sketchy at this time, but a few things have been mentioned on the above discord. Details known so far (I will update as I find out):

Start Date

Seems it will be the last 2 weeks of August.


Two weeks?




Use the master branches from:

And pin them with Alire if using.

Please add any functions you need that do not have bindings yet and send a PR.


If no bindings are allowed, won’t that rule out SDLAda? (hoping not!)

Doh, didn’t mean that. Fixed.

I’ll be adding the GetKeybordState function and the rest of the rendering functions that were added after I did the initial ones.

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I’ve added this function. I’m going through the wiki and reorganising the list of functions in the readme to match the wiki. There is a ton of stuff not bound and also a lot of new stuff.

I’ve updated the README list of bound functions after going through the wiki. The wiki has missing entries so it might not be complete.

I really need this to be automated really.

I’ve added ALL the hints from the SDL2 branch today.

Also, ANuklear with SDL renderer can be used for GUI’s.