Reviving Ada FAQ

I create a specific topic to see if there is any interest in resurrecting an Ada code FAQ, extracted from the Bindings for Raylib and RayGui discussion.

It seems that there is a consensus on the difficulty to find the “right code example” when starting Ada (and even after).
Rocher suggested to create an Ada FAQ.

I propose to list here (with no order) all existing FAQ, or source of code snippets before moving forward with this idea :

Site Comment Reuse? Contact? first in list :slight_smile: section Tips and Tricks
Ada-Power Was active around 2005, seems inactive since section “Source treasury” :bulb: There is an interesting section “Patterns”
Wikibooks in French Created by Samuel Tardieu, was active arround 2007, Wiki/Wikibooks is a good choice section Le Langage Ada Sam, are you still around?
Wikibooks in english more complete and up-to-date interresting code
Wikipedia Wikipedia or Wikibooks? very short section Language_constructs
Adahome Famous ghost ship, abandoned since 1996, but still online! Obsolete Magnus Kempe (but I remember Jean-Pierre Rosen telling us looooong time ago that he tried to reach him, but Magnus was not answering)
Awesome-Ada Ressource collection, not exactly our target, but why not a github page Olivier Henley
Ada Tips Exactly our target about 20 articles, nothing since 2017 tero koskinen
Rosetta code tons of snippets, too much, and organised by alphabetical order, not adapted for newbie need serious filtering, but definitively very interesting
Ada_Composition some (complex) examples George Shapovalov
AdaCore Gems Very good format, short and easy to reuse
AdaCore Basic and advanced stuff, a lot of content, up-to-date A guide specifically for C/C++ newcomers, should have been useful for Tsoding!


I’ve converted this post to a “wiki post” that anyone on the forum can edit.

Ada IC is maintained, but I don’t know if it fits into this category well or not:

There is this book Ada-95: A guide for C and C++ programmers by Simon Johnston which has a downloadable pdf here.

The Awesome Ada list has also link to Ada Distilled booklet.

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Worth to mention, You also have the excellent Ada site :sunglasses:

Please add to your table

Site Comment Reuse? Contact?
AdaForge Component oriented library (WIP), with public sources on AdaForge’s GitLab Has a dedicate page with all daily useful shortcuts to documentation, forums, … William J. Franck

Hi All,

thank you for your inputs.
My goal is to provide code snippets, not a general use Ada wiki (there is already the Ada Wiki Books).
This wiki could be named Ada Copy Paste, but feel free to suggest more punchy name!

Listed ressources should provide code examples. An online book may be a very good sources, if the licence permits.

I have a prototype with three contributions, ready to be pushed on github, but I started another (Ada) project in the meantime :smile:, so there will be an unpredictable unstacking delay!


So would it be in a ‘Cookbook’ style, i.e. involve self-contained ‘recipes’ that do certain tasks / solve certain issues? Like, “reverse a list”, “open a TCP connection”, “print a file”, etc.?

(As an example ‘Cookbook’, the contents of the “Perl Cookbook” are on this page.)

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Exactly, with minimal comments, a title likely to be found by someone ignoring Ada specifics terms, and with, if applicable, “further reading” links.

Thanks you for the link, I’ll check it (and have a look at other languages Cookbook also).

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