Soaring the clouds with AdaWebPack

Hello, I just wanted to share this crazy adventure I had the last winter by porting an Ada based application from native Linux to the web. Thanks to AdaWebPack, I managed to create the first web-based gliding app entirely written in Ada! Check this:

Thanks Vadim and Maxim for your wonderful toolkit! I can only hope at some point I can give something back. I will be coming with some little bug reports and ideas for improvements in any case :grin: But besides that, this can also serve as base example and inspiration for many other great ideas!
:heart: Ada


It would be great if you could propose your project for presentation at the Ada Developers Workshop in June!

That would be awesome. Although I see the timing is not great… I was wondering if there are similar events in Belgium?

Is the timing “not great” but possible? Or simply impossible for you? I hope you can make it.

And yes, there have been (and we hope there will be) similar events in Belgium: our series of Ada Developer Rooms at FOSDEM early February. But our proposal for a 12th Ada DevRoom was not accepted in 2023 nor 2024, and that’s why we are now organising an alternative day long event at this year’s Ada-Europe conference instead.

The only meeting of the Ada community currently planned in Belgium is the annual Ada-Belgium General Assembly, possibly with our traditional “Spring Event”, a more social gathering of Ada-Belgium members. Details still to be worked out, but that’s a much smaller scale event…

Note that you can present remotely if going to Barcelona is a problem.

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Ok, I see I still have 7 days for the inscription. I’ll try to postulate the project for on-line presentation!

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G-NAV is now also announced on X aka Twitter [1] and LinkedIn [2].


[2] Sign Up | LinkedIn


Omg, I hope my modest web server will be able to survive that…