[Solved] Links to compiler/vendor sites in Ada Programming Wiki


In the Ada Programming Wikis page on attributes there are links to vendor documentation about implementation defined attributes.

These links are all dead.
Does anyone have working replacement links?

I guess the GNAT/AdaCore link should be:

Implementation-defined attribute of the GNAT compiler from AdaCore/FSF.
HP Ada
Implementation-defined attribute of the HP Ada compiler (formerly known as “DEC Ada”).
Implementation-defined attribute[1] of the Irvine ICC compiler.
Implementation-defined attribute of OC Systems’ PowerAda.
Implementation-defined attribute of Sun’s SPARCompiler Ada.

Are you asking for links to the compilers themselves, or to the documentation on implementation-defined attributes? My impression is that the Wiki page you linked to lists the implementation-defined attributes below the links to the compilers.

  • Most HP Ada links are either dead or direct you to GNAT Ada, but the compiler itself still has a webpage.
  • ICC Ada has a dedicated, working webpage, but I don’t find a list of implementation-defined attributes.
  • OC Systems has a page for PowerAda. The user guide is here. Implementation-defined attributes are here.
  • SPARCompiler manual is available in PDF format here, with implementation-defined attributes on page F-20 ('REF, X'REF, SYSTEM'ADDRESS(N), X'TASK_ID). Otherwise it looks as if SPARCompiler became Sun’s compiler which has become the Oracle Development Studio, and somewhere along the way lost Ada support.

@cantanima Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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@cantanima I have fixed the links in the Ada Programming Wikibook:

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