Spark with a private global log store

I have a log package with a private global variable that passes silver mode except for a couple of low upper bound string issues. It has a fixed sized global variable as the log store.

However any external procedure running in spark mode that tries to execute a log function is wanted by spark to have the state or log store listed in it’s global aspect even though it has no access to the private log store directly.

I assume that I am missing something and shall keep reading but any help would be much appreciated? It isn’t workable for me to create global aspects for any procedure that uses my log package. I guess I could pass the log store but I am not sure that that is a good solution.


Your pkg spec needs to declare that it has abstract state.

Thanks. I believe that I did that :thinking:. I think I was declaring global => null when I shouldn’t have been on the procedure that called the procedure that writes to a global.