SweetAda on NEORV32 + new repository

Hi all.

I was finally been able to put a NEORV32 softcore (https://www.neorv32.org) on an FPGA board. The board is a DE10-Lite equipped with a MAX 10 FPGA.

SweetAda now runs on this board, with int timer active, stimulating some LED I/O and writing messages to the UART console. The implementation runs out-of-the-box without modifications w.r.t. the original code written for the GHDL emulator (except I/O address of the peripherals). Please refer to the NEORV32 platform directory, where you can find the implementation details. I am also waiting for feedbacks directly from the author of NEORV32, which should test the whole package sooner.

Then, I created another repository @ GitHub - gabriele-galeotti/SweetAda-toolchains: GNU/GNAT toolchains, which is empty because uploading huge files is discouraged, so there are the links to my personal website. I will slowly fill all the target toolchains, starting from those running on Win64. Currently there are RISC-V 32/64 toolchains available.

Be aware that, if you do not have a GPRbuild system installed, you have to build under GNATMAKE mode (which is included in the toolchain).