Transfer of domain

I’m the current owner of the domain.

I have a bunch of other things I’m doing and I’m not going to renew it, so I’m going to hand it off to someone who wants it. I’ve had trouble getting people to agree to this, so maybe making this public will help things. If no one takes it, the domain will lapse in August.

A few people helped with the main site and setting up this forum, but after two weeks, or the highest priority individual(s) contact me and gives an affirmative yes or no, the transfer will happen.

In priority order:

  1. @JeremyGrosser
  2. @onox
  3. @Max
  4. Whoever else who wants it

I can take care of renewing the domain and keeping DNS working if that’s all it needs.


Not really much to do other than renew it. My main concern is the domain being lost. The website and other repos are all under the ada-lang-io organization, so I added you as an owner.

Hi Paul,

What is the PaaS provider of the Discourse forum ?
(please PM)

The forum currently runs on Amazon EC2. This is not a secret.

Hi Paul,

should there be any issue with transferring the domain or the systems, I would also like to be on the list. However, I think we have a good bunch of people in it already :slight_smile:

I would like to thank you for your extremely proficient work within the Ada community. You have achieved a ton of things (FOSDEM, Website, Forum, reach, etc) in an incredible small time. Your experience as a developed does show, I personally have learnt quite a bit from you. I hope that you are doing well both professionally and outside of work!

Best regards,


Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate the offer, but Jeremy has been gracious enough to accept the domain.


I am new to web hosting.
I have Webhotel Starter Linux at
If you can help making the transition I can host
Maybe with some mirroring; don’t know how it works yet…