Upcoming Ada-Related Conferences and Workshops

The seventh ACM SIGAda workshop on High Integrity Language Technology (ACM SIGAda HILT 2022) is being held on October 14, 2022 in Detroit, MI in conjunction with the 2022 Automated Software Engineering conference (ASE’22), sponsored by SIGAda. This year’s HILT theme is Language and Tool Support for Rigorous Software Development.

We have 9 presentations plus two keynotes related to this theme, including presentations on SPARK containers, and adding pattern matching as a language feature to Ada. Our keynote speakers are K. Rustan M. Leino, the creator of the Dafny verifiable language and the Boogie system supporting major industrial uses of formal methods, and Niko Matsakis, one of the original members of the Rust design team, talking about a-mir-formality, a more formal model of Rust.

There is now an online option for attending the ACM SIGAda HILT’22 workshop featuring Niko Matsakis and Rustan Leino. Anyone registered for the workshop will receive a link allowing use of Zoom and/or the “Whova” app to attend the workshop remotely.

The organizers of the associated conference (ASE’22) have indicated that remote attendees may register at the lowest attendee price (“Student Member”). So if you or a colleague might be interested in participating in the workshop remotely, please register soon for the October 14th workshop, at:

and indicate “Student Member” as your category of attendee.

For more information see:

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