UX/UI suggestion for ada-lang.io


I was browsing the site… Nice, content, design, nothing to complain about. Except that there is something that really bother me and becomes tiring after 3 minutes of reading…

The top navigation bar, wouldn’t it be more ergonomic to leave it fixed??? :wink:



Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been wondering if this was even possible for a while.



On what kind of device were you reading the site? I’m not fond of having to sacrifice screen space on smaller windows, especially on mobile.

The dynamic growing/shrinking banners/nav bars are extremely annoying because you scroll to see more text, but then the scrolling causes something to cover up the text you’re trying to get into view. I wish sites that have that whack-a-mole moving target were detected by crawlers and downranked in search engines.

I don’t browse the web on a smartphone, but if I did I still would not want moving targets that gamify getting text within view. I would probably want a mobile version of the site to also have a fixed nav bar, but pinned at the top & bottom (so you would have to scroll all the way up or down to reach the nav bar).

I was on pc, but i think it’s not really a problem to sacrifice a little screen Space like here with this forum…

Implemented ! Thanks, it’s a lot better ! :wink: