We need forum topics

We need to start adding new topics to the forum. Here’s a suggestion based on other language forums:

  • Ada Programming [General Ada programming questions]
  • News and Announcements [Ada community news and forum announcements]
    • Ada in the News
    • Forum Announcements
  • Compilers [Compiler help]
    • GNAT
    • LLVM
    • Other
  • Alire and Toolchains [Toolchain help]
    * * Alire [Help with Alire project manager]
  • IDEs [Help with editors and programming environments]
    • VSCode
    • GNAT Studio
    • Other
  • Libraries and Packages [Help with Ada Libraries and packages]
  • Community [Community related questions]
    • Show and Tell
    • Polls
    • Q & A
  • Off topic [Questions unrelated to Ada development or community]
  • FAQs
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My plan is to add categories as they are needed, rather than create a bunch of empty ones and hope they fill up.

Categories are an aid to discovery, which isn’t necessary when we only have a handful of topics.