Welcome to the Ada forum

This is a board to discuss the Ada programming language, and its open source ecosystem! If you’re looking to get started, need help troubleshooting a problem, or want to talk about language specifics, this place is for you.

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Could you describe specifically, how I could contribute little how-to’s I am learning as I do my first steps in Ada?


Just noticed this link:

The best way to do it is to clone the repository on your local machine, make your changes and then push it to the repo.

I’m new to Ada. Looking forward to learning the language and its ecosystem. :nerd_face:

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Finally! A dedicated forum and website unique to Ada/SPARK. Stackoverflow has long been many people’s goto place for help and advice. AdaCore’s support can only do so much and there are litterally zero forums dedicated to it.

Thank you to the site creators.

Skyla xx

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The Usenet newsgroup comp.lang.ada has been, and still is, a dedicated forum unique to the Ada programming language and technology. It’s a valuable place for questions and discussions about Ada since decades, even from before the “big renaming” when the group was called net.lang.ada (if anyone remembers)…


I normally prefer mailing lists. Unfortunately majordomo and mailman seem to work better with mail clients than googles efforts.

Hello everybody!

I’m looking for an Ada-developer to my costumer in Stockholm. Please let me know if any of you are intrested or if you can recommend anybody how would be intrested