Where are the Ada gigs these days? (worldwide)

I’m struggling to find job listings for Ada lately. In principle I’ll go anywhere in the world but I’m a bit tired of the US and Europe.

I’m most interested in New Zealand but after searching 72 job sites, there was nothing for Ada. There were 42 other NZ job sites (incl. seek & trademe.co.nz) I did not search due to Tor hostility & I won’t touch MS LinkedIn (yes I’m fussy about ethics / human rights / civil liberties issues). IIRC Thales had some Ada jobs in NZ for the rail industry ~15 yrs ago.

Japan would also be interesting but only if it doesn’t involve an extreme 50+ hrs/wk work schedule. Brazil would interest me too.

We could really use some kind of heat map showing Ada jobs worldwide (not necessarily just vacancies), so we can at least easily know where to look. The only resource that I’ve found that can give a clue is this (possibly unmaintained) website from 2014:


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I’ve worked remote for almost 6 years, depending on the company, you might be able to find a distributed one that supports an appropriate country of your choice. If you ask in the Ada devroom at FOSDEM next year or on comp.lang.ada you might get some leads.

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I appreciate the suggestions. I’m not interested in remote work though. At least not initially. I’d perhaps sooner give up Ada than give up the office. If I’m working a gig that starts to get boring after a few years, perhaps switching to remotely working the same job would help hold my interest a bit longer.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I posted a job opportunity in comp.lang.ada.
A job posting on c.l.a

It is in Europe


For the record I did some searching in Japan.

Tried English phrases to search for Ada jobs in Japan. That shot in the dark that came up empty. Queries written in Japanese found no Ada jobs either, but ¶9 from https://freelance.techcareer.jp/articles/9765/ says there is some Ada in some specific kinds of embedded systems in Japan. But there is no mention of companies or specific Ada-based products being developed there. Adacore has an office in Japan, which suggests Ada isn’t dead there.

Edit: Toyota uses SPARK→ High-Reliability Vehicle Component Research Project | AdaCore

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Dr. Feldman has retired, and gave away all his Ada books on comp.lang.ada a year or two ago, so yes, that site is almost certainly unmaintained.

(Maybe not all, but certainly a lot of them.)

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Check this too: DENSO Using SPARK Technology for Automotive Research Project | AdaCore