Which universities teach Ada programming courses?

Which universities teach Ada at this point? I’ve found the below list of universities that are supposed to teach Ada:


The problem that I see all of the time is that most universities offer a course in Ada once every few years and given how seldom one can take it, few sign up and future courses are canceled due to a lack of interest. Or, there is just a single class which teaches one some basic concepts and nothing more.

Are there universities that embrace Ada/SPARK at least close to the way that they do more popular programming languages?


See also Member Universities | AdaCore

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That list isn’t a good measure. They list a university where I used to work (~2 yrs ago), and it wasn’t taught even then. They listed our university merely because I was a member of GAP.

Sure enough, it links to my department’s website (Mathematics) and I was probably the only one there who had ever heard of Ada, let alone used it.