Who is hiring Ada programmers?

I am looking to get back into Ada work after a few years.Many companies have gotten away from using Ada. Who is still using Ada/Spark?
My experience is on DoD contracts.
I’m looking for a part-time, remote, (contract?) position.

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I read Toyota started using SPARK after its C language control software resulted in several deaths and an expensive lawsuit.


It certainly depends on the country and the sector.
Are you interested in areas such as avionics, air traffic control or military ?

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You can find some of the companies using Ada when checking the list of AdaCore’s customers: Our Customers | AdaCore

This list is certainly not complete, but the picture is representative, I think: a lot of companies in aerospace, defense, rails, but also including, for example, the Automotive Team at NVIDIA.

And then some companies you probably never stumble upon, like the start-up https://www.latencetech.com/

What I found is that Ada jobs are often not heavily advertised. Even if you look at open positions at companies that hire Ada programmers, Ada might be mentioned as a nice-to-have experience, but it’s almost never in the job title. So one good strategy in addition to looking for jobs is (imho) to put yourself out there as Ada developer, writing and talking about Ada, so recruiters can find you.


I also heard n-vidia has turned to SPARK for some of their drivers…
I know from hearing that Eurocontrol and other ATM companies have also large Ada codebases.

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We are hiring from time to time.
I think we have filled most positions now, so I think there is
a strong mgt wish (now) that you are close to our offices where we use Ada.
All are in Europe :

  • Lund Sweden (HQ)
  • Copenhagen Denmark
  • Warsaw Poland
  • Helsinki Finland

Jobs are usually advertised at https://www.consafelogistics.com/career
You are looking for WCS - not WMS (which is another system of our’s - but in c)
As usual the requirements are wish lists.