Advent of Ada Submissions

Hello here,

As announced on the blog today, for each person completing one of the Advent of Code challenges using the Ada programming language, AdaCore will donate $10 to the Ada Developers Academy, up to a total of $5,000. And for those willing to go an extra mile, AdaCore will donate $20 if the solution is implemented in SPARK with at least proof of absence of run-time errors (a.k.a. Silver level).

To submit your solutions, reply to this post with a line of the following format:
[<pseudonym>][<day>][<Ada or SPARK>]<link to solution source code>

For instance, if I solve the 3rd day problem using Ada:

And the 5th day using SPARK:

Happy hacking!


Here’s the URL for Advent of Code


Is putting all solutions into one repo fine, or should they be in separate repos?

Keep it simple, use one repo.


The HAC project is getting ready for AoC…


There is a somewhat similar contest at
There is a new problem every 2-3 weeks and they are all network related, as in implement a server, and protohacker will run a test suite against it. The problems are as with Advent of Code - easier at the beginning

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A post was merged into an existing topic: 2022 Day 1: Calorie Counting

A post was merged into an existing topic: 2022 Day 1: Calorie Counting

I’d like to keep discussion about each day’s puzzle grouped together, so please post links to solutions on the day’s topic, rather than putting them all here. Thanks!

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If you can all still post your submissions for the AdaCore charity event here, just the one line with format described above. Otherwise it will be a nightmare for me to track all the submissions in all the discussions. Thanks

[Fabien-Chouteau][1][SPARK] 2022/src/day_01.adb

Yeah, that makes sense. I guess I made a bit of a mess moving some of the day 1 posts, I’ll post the solution links here too going forward. Sorry.

Here’s a list of all the links for day 1 so far:

[JeremyGrosser][1][Ada][advent/day1_2.adb at 176068a2109faca088baa96b7cb77a078264693c · JeremyGrosser/advent · GitHub]
[rommudoh][1][Ada][rommudoh/aoc2022-Ada: My Ada solutions for Advent of Code 2022 - aoc2022-Ada -]
[ebriot][1][Ada][advent_of_code/2022/day1 at master · briot/advent_of_code · GitHub]
[zetah11][1][SPARK][GitHub - zetah11/aoc2022: Some of my Advent of Code 2022 solutions]
[rocher][1][Ada][2022 Day 1: Calorie Counting - #6 by rocher]

[William-Franck][1][Ada] Release Day-01 · captain-haddock17/Advent_of_Code_2022 · GitHub

[max][1][SPARK] source/day_01.adb

PS :partying_face: My the first experience with SPARK :nerd_face:



I have created a private leaderboard in AoC. Feel free to join it, code is 1708445-6a8f7730

I have no idea how it works, but sounds fun to track progress of participants (not for competition). @Fabien.C, probably a leaderboard in AoC would be also a good tool to track Ada/SPARK submissions, to account for donations to the Ada Developers Academy.


To add your-self go to Leaderboard - Advent of Code 2022 and enter that code. I guess it sorts participants by submission time.

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[Zertovitch][1][Ada] hac/aoc_2022_01.adb at dfa2b7d2125e4324d6898d3d00e424478ee413bf · zertovitch/hac · GitHub

[dkm][1][Ada] part1 part2

[jklmnn][1][SPARK]aoc/day_2022_1.adb at 760bc2c15829da9c06af1d9caa7a155f93bbe42e · jklmnn/aoc · GitHub

[wutka][1][SPARK]advent-of-code-2022-spark/day1.adb at 7af4af12a4a2d46ff2e5dbd6a5e82653b0d780a7 · wutka/advent-of-code-2022-spark · GitHub

[wutka][2][SPARK]advent-of-code-2022-spark/day2.adb at 7af4af12a4a2d46ff2e5dbd6a5e82653b0d780a7 · wutka/advent-of-code-2022-spark · GitHub

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