Bindings for Raylib and RayGui

Hello here,

I have Raylib Ada binding on my TODO list since long ago, watching Tsoding’s Twitch series pushed me to finally do it :slight_smile:

There a first version in Alire, but you should really try the new dev version first: GitHub - Fabien-Chouteau/raylib-ada: Ada bindings for the Raylib library

$ git clone --recurse-submodules
$ cd raylib-ada/examples/
$ alr run examples
$ alr run gui_example

Or this to use it in an application:

$ alr with raylib --use= 

I’d like to have feedback on this version before pushing to Alire, maybe as a v1.0.0.

The binding are generated from a (very hacky) script that loads a JSON API description.
I started with just Raylib, and this script gave me RayGui almost for free.

There are other small libraries in the ecosystem. But I don’t know if they are worth binding:



This requires recursing submodules, that is:

$ git clone --recurse-submodules

Indeed :face_exhaling: Thanks @mgrojo

Superbe!! Merci! :smiling_face: :pray: